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Home Delivery Management Overview



Home Delivery Management is an eService for home delivery businesses
It has two quite different looking sides.
  • The management side automatically performs many of the boring administrative tasks that are part of the home delivery business.
  • The customer side, which is fine-tuned to your desired look and feel, allows your customers to interact with you on-line. They can modify their standing order or a specific order, check their account, even pay their bill by credit card if you so desire. was produced by a partnership between Share Organics, a pioneer in utilizing technology to assist the home delivery process, and Spatial Solutions Inc., a company that has been offering technical solutions to businesses since 1994.
As such, has a number of features that are particularly useful to home delivery management of organic programs that deliver boxes to their customers. The customers can demark products that they never want in their box, customize the box to their liking (within your limitations) as well as add other products to their box. Click here to learn more about the box functionality.
When you first decide to utilize to manage your business and interact with your customers, we set up a store for you with default values that suit many of our customers, but there are a lot of customization options. Click here to learn more about the management functionality and customization options.
We also assist you in setting up the customer side of your business. The customer side will be based around a header and footer that look like your current site if you have one, or whatever you'd like otherwise. (We can provide you with a home site as well if you would like.) The header and footer are needed to start your customer side. After that, there are again a lot of customization options. Click here to learn more about the customer functionality and customization options.
There is also a facility to bulk load data such as customer information or product information from CSV files, often coming originally from Excel files. You may wish to zip your files up, email them to us and have us do the bulk load. Otherwise, the CSV files can be uploaded here and either our or your technical people can bulk load the data.
In addition to the overview of the features that are presented in these pages, each management page comes with context help that will open a new browser so you can remain on the page, and read the instructions for the page at the same time.
Questions or comments? Please Contact us.

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